The cook was a good cook, as cooks go; and as good cooks go, she went.


The greatest access at the moment, at least until more chefs get online, to news of great chefs and what they are offering up is at STAR CHEFS. Two or three of America's great chefs are featured here with their menus and the recipes thereof! Anyone for Salmon and Tuna Tartare la David Burke of the Park Avenue Cafe?

A wonderful link for cooks of all catagories is THE CHEF'S STORE where you can find quality chef coats and aprons, equipment supply, books, and recipes and a link to something called The Restaurant Home Page.


JOE TRAMA is cooking up a storm at Layla in Manhattan and brother Pat is no longer at DELLA FEMINA'S.

Nick and Toni's of East Hampton has signed a lease for the old O'Malleys in the village of East Hampton. It will be called Rowdy Hall and will be Pub-French bistro-Burger kind of fare . . . Rich Halka , the workhorse chef at the top-rated East Hampton Point will carry on for another season bringing some of the most inspired food to the tables of the Hamptons . . . Hey Gerry , what's the story ? Everyone's wondering where Chef Gerard Hayden is going to pop up next . . . somewhere on Lexington?



Sag Harbor has been blessed with another culinary genius. California born Kert Eggers brings an enlightened touch to the French fare at the elegant yet laid back AMERICAN HOTEL in Sag Harbor, NY

On his way out to the Hamptons, he did a stint with the chef extrordinaire David Burke at PARK AVE. CAFE, New York City and in fact was part of the opening crew there. He then moved on to TRIBECA GRILL, working with Drew Nieporant and Chef Gerard Hayden. Kert's work with sushi is definitely inspired.

Personal Background Profile:

Born : Marin County, California

Home: Undecided

Age: 29

Profession-school: Hard Knocks

Inspiration: spontaneous and perpetual motion

Favorite Kitchen Weapons: CARBON STEEL

Most Unusual Request: Medium Rare Baby Rack of Lamb for a Yorkshire terrier

Other Passions: teaching basketball, shrine making, dreaming

Favorite Dish To Cook At Home: Macaroni and cheese with hamburger

Most Inspirational Chefs: Gertz Bjoel

Most Used Cookbook: Cooking A La Ritz by Louis Dait

Hot Foods-What are people demanding these days: Asian and Low fat

What makes for success: Consistency and care

Any Favorite Ingredient : Love

Your Favorite Unrated Type Place to Eat : MT. FUJI, Amagansett, NY

Raphael Palomino, chef/ owner of INCA GRILL, in Soho, NY., has founded the Spanish Chefs Association of America. You can call him at (212)744-6088 for more information.

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