Without a doubt the newest and largest addition to the explosion of electronic magazines comes from Time Warner. Check out THE VIRTUAL KITCHEN and COOKING LIGHT. I don't know what happened to Food and Wine.

Gourmet's electronic edition, EPICURIOUS,is also great. The writing is top notch, as you would expect from the crème de la crème of food mags, and the recipes are right on the money. I downloaded some of the Christmas and holiday cookie recipes and they were clear and accurate. Even better was eating them with my kids! This site is a winner.

The EGG, known otherwise as The Electronic Gourmet Guide, is something you can really sit down and get into. It is very professional but so accessible, filled with recipes and great features. One feature, Food Day, is a daily updated food column with a couple of recipes with a special item. For instance on 2/29/96 there is an interesting article about figs as well as a couple of simple recipes using figs. Another feature is about the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. It also has alot of good food links. 4 STARS